Notes for November 11, 2020:
President Jeff Shields called the meeting to order.
Bob Sommerfeld led the Pledge of Allegiance.
Doug Woodard gave the invocation.
  • Jeff recognized visitor Richard Mundinger.
  • November 11th being Veterans Day, Jeff recognized all the veterans
  • Stan Tourney said that preparations for the golf tournament November 20th are in good shape.  There will be six or seven foursomes.  There is still an issue with participants being able to use a credit card but hopefully it will not cause a problem.  Bob Sommerfeld and Laura Ziady will be doing check-in.  Thanks to Larry Minich the grand prize for the raffle will be a years’ pass to Mister Carwash.
  • Doug reminded everyone that November is Foundation Month and encouraged everyone to make a donation in honor of a family member.  Eb Wilkinson will talk about the Paul Harris Fellow program next week.
  • Jeff encouraged everyone to complete the on-line survey from District 5500.  The club with the most responses will be awarded a Paul Harris Fellow.
  • Fred Sowerby reminded everyone of the Christmas party at Hacienda del Sol.  Please respond to the email if you are coming.  Fred said there will be a special surprise.
  • Jim Bunker said that the video to describe the 8th Grade Program and which will be sent to all the participating schools, is in the process of being prepared by Braden Whitaker, a former recipient of both a certificate and scholarship.  Emily Woodard, Doug’s granddaughter, is helping with the technology.  The video will be on YouTube and be available publically.
  • Treasurer Chris Bijsterveld said all debts are paid and the books are in order.